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What kind of occasions and dishes are available for our sweet wines?

That sweet wines can only be enjoyed with desserts has long passed. Creative cooks and cooks even combine whole menus with the Ruster Ausbruch wines. You can find more information in our newsletter below.

Sweet wines & Sea Food
crabs, lobsters, oysters – The chef de cuisine only needs to match the sauce.

Sweet wines & Desserts
Accompanying the classic dessert cuisine such as:
Sugared pancake with raisins or semolina pancake, Apple, white cheese or cherry strudel, dumplings, Various Soufflés, fruit desserts

Sweet wines & Classic Combinations
Variations of goose liver, pastries & terrines

Sweet wines & Espresso
The roasty aromas of both, espresso and Sweet wine form a wonderful liaison, furthermore the tannin of the espresso is pleasantly softened by the Sweet wine.

Sweet wines & Asian Cuisine
Spices such as chilli, ginger, coriander and curry ideally match the flavour profile of Sweet wines.

Sweet wines & Cheese
• Intensive blue cheese
• Spicy, young or matured hard cheese
• Goat cream cheese
• French goat cheese

Sweet wines & Fruits
Ripe, exotic fruits such as mango, papaya, figs, pineapples or grilled bananas as well as stone fruits such as apricots or cherries; fried slices of apple.

Sweet wines as Meditation Wine
As companion in the “blue hour” when past and future, dream and
reality are so close