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Rust on the shore of Lake Neusiedl

The hundreds of years old free city Rust is embedded in the heart of Europe, where different cultures are amalgamating. At present Austria is one of the most striving wine-growing countries in the world. Thereby Rust is taking an exceptional position. The so-called "Ruster Hügelland" is a chain of small plane hills extending from Hungary onto some municipalities in Burgenland. 
The sunny southestern sides of the hills around Rust, which are located around the town and Lake Neusiedl like an amphitheater, are being among the best traditional vineyards in Austria. The hills around Rust are forming a small basin, which at any time has been described in literature as the "amphitheater". The Lake, the Pannonian and continetal climate are affecting the local climate and the typical microclimate. The vast surface of the Lake totalling up to 320 km² has been cotrolling the temperature and humidity for thousands of years. Due to the large differences in temperature between day and night the wines are being fresh and fruity.

Burgenland - Austria

At present Austria is one of the most dynamic, innovative and striving wine-growing countries in the world. International specialists and wine experts have affirmed this fact again and again. Success as to quality, wine market or the export would have been unimaginable some years ago. 
The wine-growing area of Burgenland is located in the most eastern part of Austria, colse to the Hungarian boarder, 50 km south of Vienna. It lies on the same latitude between 48°-47° degrees as Burgundy. The microclimate is unique, because of the intersection of three different climatic zones: the Atlantic, Mediterranean and continental. The country is being proud of its great viticultural history of long continuance. Owing to records wine has been cultivated in our region for more than 3.000 years. The vigor of the Austrian wine is based upon one of the strictest and most stringent wine laws in the world. The Austrian viniculture in figures: it accounts for 1 % of the world`s wine production (67% white wines and 33 % red wines), approximately 48.000 ha of the total vine area is being cultivated by 32.000 viniculturalists owing many small and individual vineyards. Many interesting and amazing domestic types of grapevine as well as fascinating international cultivars are yielding a large variety of wines.