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Austrian Wines


A question of the location

The particular geographical situation of Austria is the most important factor for the outstanding and unique quality of its wines. The hills around Rust are among the most traditional and best vineyards in Austria for hundreds of years with a great past and history. Here are the main 5 points on the uniqueness of our vineyard locations:

1. CLIMATE: In the eastern part of Austria, 50 km south of Vienna, the wine region of Burgenland, which at the same latitude as Burgundy (48 ° - 47 °) is located. There is still a unique microclimate, at the intersection of 3 climates: cool air from the north, warm Pannonian climate from the east and a temperate Mediterranean climate from the south.

2. MICROCLIMATE: The sunny south-eastern slopes of the hills around Rust, which are laid out like an amphitheater around the city, are among the most traditional and best vineyards in Austria for hundreds of years. Rust around the hills form a small boiler, which is described in the literature has always been considered "amphitheater", and supports the special microclimate of Rust.

3. DAY- AND NIGHT TEMPERATURE: The warm, sunny summer and autumn days with their cool nights contribute to the development of fresh, aromatic wines with body and fine character. Nowhere on earth are great wines more refreshing, nowhere are refreshing wines more distinctively delicious.

4. THE NEUSIEDLERSEE: Lake Neusiedl with its 280 km² water surface has a decisive influence on the climate and viticulture in Rust. Due to the low water depth of 1.50 meters on average, the lake warms relatively rapidly up to 30 ° C water temperature in summer. The entire water content evaporates in a year and increases the humidity. Temperature peaks are broken and serves as a heat store.

5. SOIL STRUCTURE: South of Rust (on the photo left) prevails weathered primary rock, with quartz, slate and loess form. The hills west of Rust is a former coral reef from the primeval ocean - 16 million year old - with a massive shell limestone sediment. Ideal conditions for our Burgundies. North of Rust is a heavy, loamy loess soil on a limestone sediment (on the photo right). These wide range of soils allows us to produce a wide range of wines with best conditions.