Weingut Landauer
J. Haydngasse 5
7071 Rust, Burgenland
Tel. (+43) 02685/278
Fax (+43) 02685/2784

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"Our vineyards are our valuables!"

This is true for Bruno, Martha and Stefan Landauer, because the final wine quality depends on the cultivation of the vineyards. 
Therefore we are trying hard to be conducive to nature, the grapevines and to wine quality. We are cultivating and planting grasses, individually treating each grapevine, fostering useful insects and taking seriously the task of precise and diligent canopy management.
We are neither utilizing herbicides, nor watering, but deliberately aiming at limited yields. The quantity of the grapes is not important for us, but the quality and spledor. Our concept is not to interfere with the natural cycle of the vineyard. We are keen on letting the nature take its course in order to harvest fully ripe grapes with pronounced flavor.

"The uniqueness is due to the very location of the vineyard",For that reason we have been cultivating many small pieces of vineyards since time immemorial. During the long growing season from April to November the vineyard is able to yield fully ripe grapes. In fall the grapes are harvested by hand and precisely examined and selected. This is the key to the special quality of wines with solid character.